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Publications - 5 June 2005
faqir ipi

Short Stories - 29 May 2005
sherani folktales

Culture  - 19 May 2005
folk life of afghanistan

Music - 29 April 2005
kamal gardezi

د فردوس پردېسي په کلام کښ د کمال ګردېزي غرنئي سندرې

Videos - 29 April 2005

لغت هغه في البديع شاعري ته وائي کومه چې يو شاعر يا فنکار نېغ په نېغه د حاضرينو په مخکښې وړاندې کوي. داسې قسم شاعري يا لغت د خوند رنګ په محفلونو کښې اورېدلې شي. د پښتونخواه په هغه سيمو کښې ...نور


Maps - 21 March 2005

divisional mapsNWFP is currently divided into districts for administration purposes (23). Before, it used to be divided in divisions (7). These divisional maps for Mardan, Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat, Peshawar, Hazara, Malakand, and Bannu have been made available on this site. The divisional maps demarcate the present boundaries of individual districts as well ... Read More

Books & Literature  - 10 February 2005


'Marwato Kasroona' provides insight into that phase in our history when most Pakhtoon tribes were at war with one another or amongst themselves. These war ballads detail the standoffs betwen Marwat's, Niazi's, Khattak's, Blich's, Gandapur's, and Wazir's and their inter-feuds ... Read More

Food - 26 January 2005


Penda is a special dish that is widely eaten in Marwat, Bannu, Waziristan and their surroundings. There are different variations ... Read More

Videos - 23 January 2005


First episode of the famous comedy drama from PTV Quetta Center has been added. Shaista Khan aka Shamshato is being treated for madness while others are vying for his estate ... Click to View

Music - 6 January 2005



New Albums by Hayat Gardezi, Abdullah Muqarai, Haroon Bacha, & Gulzar Alam have been added to the revamped Music Section ... Click to View