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Publications - 5 December 2004


There are fewer than 300 languages with more than one million native users; half of all languages have fewer than 10,000 users and a quarter of the worlds spoken languages and most of the sign languages have less than 1,000 users ... Click to View

Language - 2 December 2004


Collection of Articles, Publications, Biographies, Book Reviews, & Poetry ...Click to View

Videos - 18 November 2004

Quetta Mela

Quetta Mela in tribute to Mahmood Khan Achakzai; Featuring Sardar Ali Takkar, Gul Zaman, Gulzar Alam, & Aziza Afghan ...Click to Watch

Videos - 13 November 2004

Marwat Nite

Organised by Marwat Student Federation at Swan Restaurant, Peshawar; Khyber.ORG brings exclusive coverage of this event. Includes talks by University professors and leading personalities, hearty jokes by Naeem & Co., Atanrh songs by Daud Hanif, the all famous lively Khattak Dance by FC, and much more ... Click to Watch

Publications - 10 September 2004

brydon report

The single most important event of the first Afghan War is the virtual destruction of the British Army in the wintry mountainous terrain between Kabul and Jalalabad in 1842. Only one man survived to write an account of this terrible ordeal... Read More

Sites & Sounds - 23 August 2004


The name Tirah is an elastic geographical expression applied to those highlands divided between the Afridi and Orakzai tribes, which lie between the Khyber and the Kurram. Tirah lies about midway between the two valleys but it dominates neither for the eastern extremity of the great Sufed Koh... Read More

Sites & Sounds - 21 July 2004

takht suleiman

An attempt to scale the twin peaks of the Takht-e-Suleiman & the Qaiseghar; which is considered to have been the birthplace of Qais Baba... Read More

Personalities - 21 July 2004

ahmad jan

Original manuscripts written by Qazi Ahmad Jan Sahib regarding life of famed poets; Rahman Baba and Abdul Hamid, in the 1932 issue of "Starhay Mashay" of which he was also the editor.

Journals & Publications - 15 July 2004

The British bombed the restless natives of Afghanistan intermittently between 1915 and 1919. Bombing the Pathans irrigation ditches, which cut water supplies and emptied terraces of their topsoil, was deemed more effective than destroying their villages ...Read More

Videos - 1 July 2004
rang ba rang
Gol Gappa Rafiq Jan
rang ba rang
Ismail Shahid - Rang Ba Rang
rang ba rang
Havaldar Rahmatullah Ishpeaking
rang ba rang
Garhkap Nek