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Main Cast:
Ismail Shahid, Said Rahman Shino, Gul Bali, Samina Sahar, Yasmin Jaafri

Meem Zar Ma, Tola Zama is a multi-episode comedy serial by Pakistan Television's Peshawar Station. Each episode has its own story to tell. The main character is always played by Ismail Shahid. The Khyber Gateway has provided one such episode from the Hit Serial in which Hikmat Shah (Ismail Shahid) has some very uncomfortable times in hospital.

The episode has been divided into different parts for faster download. You will require Windows Media Player to view the episode. For better video quality, the encoding has been done via DivX format. You will also need to download the codec from the download section of this site.

Part Number Size Length Mirror

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3
1.40 MB 01:33 Download

Part 4
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Part 5
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Part 6
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Part 7
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Part 8
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Part 9
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Part 10
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Part 11
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