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کابلي واله ، ډاکټر لطیف یاد
30 مارچ 2014

زما پنځه کلنه لور( ميني) نه شي کولای چې يوه شيبه پټه او چپه خوله پا تې شي٠ زه په دې اند يم چې هغه به په خپل ټول ژوند کې يوه شيبه هم چپه خوله نه وي پا تې شوې ٠ د هغې مور دې ته ډېره په غو سه کيږي او دډېر وخبر و نه يې منعه کوي، خو ما په خپل ټول ژوند کې دا کار نه . . . نور

30 مارچ 2014

شېخ ملي يوسفزئي او د هغه دفتر . . . نور

Pukhtun Yar , Shahban Ali Shah
Saturday, March 29 2014

16 جولائي 2013

د ملالی قيصئي

. . . نور

Sunday, July 14 2013

For centuries the village was famous for the production of Bara rice. The rice was so popular that when the Barakzai Sardars of Afghanistan were driven from Peshawar by the Sikh Khalisa Army in 1834, . . . Read More

Tazkira Awlia , Suleiman Mako
Monday, July 1 2013

Tazkerat Al Awlia is the oldest work of prose in Pashto that we know of. It was written in 612 Hijri (1216 AD) by Suleiman Mako (of Arghasan). Only 7 pages of the book were found by Prof. Abdul Hai Habibi. . . . Read More

30 جون 2013

مونږ چه د مختلفو ژبو د ادب د تاريخ مطالعه کؤو نو داسې ښکاري چه د اکثر آريائي ژبو د ادب آغاز د روحاني واقعاتو داستانونو او د پېريانو او ښاپېرو د قيصو نه شوې دې۔ خو دا د پښتو ژبې اختصاص دې، چه د دې آغاز هم د اسلامي ادب نه شوې دې۔ زمونږ د وړومبي دور ټول ليکونکي لکه بېټ نيکه، شېخ اسماعيل، شېخ عيسا، ملک يار غرشين، او بختيار نه صرف قامي مشران وو . . . نور

پختو + پشتو = پخشتو ، ڈاکٹر هدايت الله نعيم
19 مئی 2013

اس مقالے ميں زبان پښتو (Puxto) [1] کی اردو حروف ميں تحرير "پختو" اور "پشتو" کا جائزه ليا گيا هے۔ چونکه پختو ميں حرف خ او پشتو ميں حرف ش اس زبان کے الگ الگ دو بڑهے لہجوں (سخت يا پشاوری لہجے اور نرم يا قندهاری لہجے) کی نمائندگی کرتے . . . مزید

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A collection of Paintings compiled from various sources on the internet and books. . . . Read More

Changing Dynamics of Pashtun Culture , Raj Wali Shah Khattak

Before presenting my remarks about Pashtoon Culture, I would like to say a few elementary things about Culture itself. The term "Culture" is in a sense a contemporary term and before 19th century, this term was not very vivid in the consciousness of the writers. However, this term has acquired great popularity during the past two centuries. . . . Read More

Arbab Faizullah Khan Mohmand , Muhammad Shafi Sabir

When you are faced with the gun and bullet, it is not easy to stand for the Truth. Very rarely will you find people who will stand for a matter of principle and be prepared to give blood for the cause of it as well. One such person was from Hazar Khwani (District Peshawar) by the name of Arbab Faizullah Khan Mohmand. He wrote a tale of his bravery, his deeds, his promises, and his principles in the textbooks of history with his blood. These tales will never be forgotten by people to come as indeed they are unique in their own sense. . . . Read More

Afghanistan , Louis Dupree

The object of the book apparently is to "ferret out the patterns" of Afghan culture with a view to establishing "guidelines for further investigation as well as [presenting] a reasonable survey of available data." He hopes "platforms will be established from which Afghan scholars can launch research projects of their own" . . . Read More

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