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The Marwats , Sher Muhammad Mohmand
Thursday, January 22 2015

A 150 page reference book on the "Marwat" tribe, written by Sher Muhammad Mohmand has been uploaded. The book was first published in July of 1999 whence the author was serving as a Deputy Commissioner of Chitral. It also contains a foreword by Rustam Shah Mohmand, then Chief-Secretary, Govt. of N-W.F.P, and prologue by Abdur Rahim Majzoob . . . Read More

کابلي واله ، ډاکټر لطیف یاد
30 مارچ 2014

زما پنځه کلنه لور( ميني) نه شي کولای چې يوه شيبه پټه او چپه خوله پا تې شي٠ زه په دې اند يم چې هغه به په خپل ټول ژوند کې يوه شيبه هم چپه خوله نه وي پا تې شوې ٠ د هغې مور دې ته ډېره په غو سه کيږي او دډېر وخبر و نه يې منعه کوي، خو ما په خپل ټول ژوند کې دا کار نه . . . نور

30 مارچ 2014

شېخ ملي يوسفزئي او د هغه دفتر . . . نور

Pukhtun Yar , Shahban Ali Shah
Saturday, March 29 2014

16 جولائي 2013

د ملالی قيصئي

. . . نور

Sunday, July 14 2013

For centuries the village was famous for the production of Bara rice. The rice was so popular that when the Barakzai Sardars of Afghanistan were driven from Peshawar by the Sikh Khalisa Army in 1834, . . . Read More

Tazkira Awlia , Suleiman Mako
Monday, July 1 2013

Tazkerat Al Awlia is the oldest work of prose in Pashto that we know of. It was written in 612 Hijri (1216 AD) by Suleiman Mako (of Arghasan). Only 7 pages of the book were found by Prof. Abdul Hai Habibi. . . . Read More

30 جون 2013

مونږ چه د مختلفو ژبو د ادب د تاريخ مطالعه کؤو نو داسې ښکاري چه د اکثر آريائي ژبو د ادب آغاز د روحاني واقعاتو داستانونو او د پېريانو او ښاپېرو د قيصو نه شوې دې۔ خو دا د پښتو ژبې اختصاص دې، چه د دې آغاز هم د اسلامي ادب نه شوې دې۔ زمونږ د وړومبي دور ټول ليکونکي لکه بېټ نيکه، شېخ اسماعيل، شېخ عيسا، ملک يار غرشين، او بختيار نه صرف قامي مشران وو . . . نور

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Afridi is a large tribe of the Pakhtoons which inhabits roughly a 1000 square miles of hilly country south and west of Peshawar Valley in the Sufed Koh Range. It includes Maidan in Tirah (which is accessed through Khajuri Plains) and the valleys of the Bara and Churah. To their east, they are bounded by the . . . Read More

د يو نوى دار دسره ، صابرشاه صابر

ماله چې څه کال يو نيم مخکښې زلمى شاعر ميا ايوب صدف خپل دشعرونو کتاب (( په لمبو کښې انتظار)) راوليږلو نو حقيقت دادے چې ماغوندې څه دوه مياشتې په دغه کتاب کښې زيات لوست خو څه هډو ګڼ رنګے هم ونکړو يو خو په دې چې ددې کتاب نه مخکښې ماسره دمطالعې لپاره په نمبر کښې لس اتۀ نور . . . نور

Old Kandahar is a large, impressive ruin field near Afghanistan's modern second city, bearing the same name. For years the site has been central to many arguments about the most ancient geography and history of the region. It has been identified with an Alexandria/ Alexandropolis, referring to the conquest of Alexander the Great.For the Islamic period the excavations on behalf of the Society for Afghan Studies have revealed some striking new evidence, particularly for the period of the Arab Conquest during the later 7th and early 8th century. . . . Read More

A compilation of pashto origin names has been provided for both boys and girls. Where possible the meanings have been written along with written format in Pashto. New names can be sent to us using the available forms. . . . Read More

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